Finding Great Value On Steel Pipe

Steel pipe has become an essential component in so many industries. The two concerns which have the most need for good pipe are the oil industry and construction. And when it comes to supply, clients will go where they have to in order to find Great value on steel pipe.

The need for pipe in the oil industry is obvious. Even the smallest scale drilling projects require a big supply of piping, tubing, and sucker rods to facilitate the operation. Drilling companies have a great need for pipes and rods in a wide variety of sizes, steel grades, and lengths to provide the maximum range of options depending upon the specific requirements of the project. Large diameter pipe is often used to maintain the well bore until the permanent casing can be set in place. Smaller scale tubing available in diameters ranging from 1 3/8″ all the way through to 3 1/2″ fulfills the needs for all subsidiary functions of the drilling and extraction phases of the project. As for pumping operations, sucker rods are ideal to extract oil or water up from the well. They can be connected and run through into the bore very quickly and then hooked up to the pumping equipment for immediate usage.

In the construction field, steel piping has proven to be the preferred alternative to wood framing for structural support in building erections. With anti-corrosion coating applied to the outer surfaces, steel pipe for framing that has to go underground will last far longer than wood ever will. And once filled with concrete, the pipe will act as a nearly unbreakable, fireproof support member which will maintain its structural integrity for as long as the building lasts. As a support pier for building foundations, concrete-filled steel pipe is nearly unbeatable compared to other materials.

The all-weather durability of steel pipe and tubing has proven ideal for use in building additions such as carports or porches on private homes. Another useful application has been for fence construction. Pipe-structured fencing has proven time and time again to provide the ideal barrier to keep cattle, horses and other livestock safely penned in. Welding pipe together into fencing is a relatively easy job to do for anyone with the skill. Once in place, a little paint is all that is necessary to protect the tubing against corrosion, and the resulting barrier will last for many years to come.